Jitney – 86-300

Mix up The Mars Volta, Beck, and throw in a little White Album from The Beatles and you’ll have a close approximation of the Folk Rock that Jitney delivers. A set of eleven tracks full of emotion; it is absolutely astounding the way he seems to channel George Harrison at certain points. Don’t miss this one.

Jitney – 86-300

I Am The Architect – 11

From the Lost Children netlabel we have I AM THE ARCHITECT. Post rock, but with a pop edge to it. Lots of catchy melodic goodness on this solid half hour of music. IATA has a lush full sound, with many more instruments than you usually find in the standard post rock fare. Synths, piano, flute, strings, orchestral instruments adorn each track perfectly. They sound a bit like Muse, with no vox. These four fellows stand out in the world of post rock, so definitely give them a listen, then let them know what you thought on their myspace.

I Am The Architect – 11

Charts and Maps – Enemies of C.Frias

Charts and Maps


Ugh, it’s been too long. I’m done with work for the year though, so I’ll get some music posted in the next few days. To start off with, here’s Charts and Maps with their release Enemies of C.Frias. It’s four tracks of a sort of art / jazz / rock type of sound, hard to classify really. They are all over the chord scale on every track, almost to the point of experimental music, but the songs remain structured and have just enough edge to make it a worthy listen.


HermelinHermelin brings us 53 minutes of outstanding postrock, comparable to Milhaven and Explosions In The Sky. Starting out with a Nine-Inch-Nails-esque noise track, we suddenly break into an all over the place guitar riff that introduces a track that completely grabs your attention until it dissolves back into noise at the end of the track. The rest of the album follows suit – droning and pulsing guitar riffs with a touch of wah pedal here and there, piercing powerful melodies and gentle rolling variations. This is the best album I’ve found in months, be sure to give Hermelin a listen.

John Wesley – Shiver and other albums

ShiverJohn Wesley is the guitarist and background vocalist for the band Porcupine Tree. On his website, he’s offered five studio albums and a live session for download. Lots of melodic rock, almost folk rock, with a pop flair. Great music for filling up your ipod. If you dig Johns stuff, please donate a little something to him for his time.

Me and my new favorite band – Decyfer Down

Today I went to Shoutfest, a Christian music festival featuring artists such as Air Five, StorySide:B, and Matt Blair. The music was all pretty awesome for the most part, but Decyfer Down stole the show for me. Ever since learning of them about two months ago on 88.5 The Edge I’ve been listening to their cd End Of Grey almost nonstop. It’s been quite a while since I’ve listened to Christian music, or anything popular on the radio for that matter as you faithful few should know by now. Decyfer Down is a hard rock band, along the lines of Chevelle. It seems I’m coming back around in my musical taste to radio style rock, and this is a good place to start.
I was lucky enough to get to talk to a couple of the band members, who seemed pretty cool guys. I always try to avoid to much contact, cause I don’t want people to think I’m a crazed stalker fan, heh heh. I got some pretty decent pictures of the handful of songs they played and one awesome shot of me with them. Pretty stoked about meeting my latest rock heros. So here’s some shots below and check out Decyfer Down’s music at their myspace page. Yeah yeah I know… myspace! I’m going to break my own rule for once, just go there and listen to ‘Burn Back The Sun’ – thats the song that got me hooked.

Sitting By The Back Door

Here’s my latest tune – sort of southern rock, sort of bluesy. I’ve been told it sounds like the Black Crows. Give a listen and let me know what you think.

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Milhaven – I.M. Wagner EP

I.M. WagnerMilhaven is such a great find for me. I don’t know what you’d call this type of music, but it’s the same as The Big Sleep and Brian Jonestown Massacre. I think this is called psychedelic or some such. At any rate, this release is so outstanding, I don’t even know where to begin to describe it. The first three tracks are ten to fifteen minutes long, almost like mini rock symphonies. The compostitions are excellent, and the recording / production has this low quality atmosphere to it, which really brings the music straight into your head. This is great music for chilling out with, a relaxed type of vibe but it grabs you and doesn’t let go until track 4, a mellow acoustic piece which is a perfect way to end the set, as if it were letting you go gently. Definitely give Milhaven a listen; it’s my first find of the year so this will be a hard act to follow.

BTW, Happy New Year everyone!