Starcadian – Chinatown (Official Music Video)

Starcadian has just released another video. I posted his last one, HE^RT not too long ago (scroll down just a tad and it’s right there). The new video is every bit as superb as the last one. Recalling cyberpunk imagery reminiscent of Blade Runner, it tells a good guy / bad guy story set in the neon glow of a club in Chinatown. Really, if you haven’t listened to the album yet, get on Spotify and do yourself a favor. It’s called Sunset Blood. Every track on it is great music. Also, watch carefully, you’ll notice that The Pilot is in the club.

Starcadian – Chinatown (Official Music Video).

Mark Meino – The Techno

Dark, mechanical, minimal and at times, creepy. Thats how I describe this set of six tracks of pure techno. Russian techno artist Dmitry Chusov, alias Mark Meino, offers listeners this throwback to classic techno with a

minimal aspect to it. Driving beats along with Marks excellent synth work (no loops, he records all his tracks) and an occasional vocal sample layered on top make The Techno an excellent find. It’s perfect music for listening to while driving.


Deto & Gleam – Kisses & Tears EP

Only two tracks, but a total of almost thirty four minutes of music. The first track, Kisses, clocks in at 9:25 and the second super-long track will occupy over 23 minutes of your own personal history. The music is basic techno, and sets a nice mood to back your daily tasks around the house or as a soundtrack to your party. Great for listening to in any situation.

Deto & Gleam – Kisses & Tears EP.

Hypnagog – Dreaming In Pieces EP

Hypnagog gives us a sweet little EP featuring four tracks of glitched out something or other that I can’t quite classify, but believe me – it scratches the techno itch like you wouldn’t believe. The first track, Still Dreaming, will have you bouncing all over the place with its sine-y synth work and dBlue style glitchy drums, followed by Funkdiddle, a house track with a soul that delivers funk straight into your brain. Track three, Tiny Little Pieces goes into a speculation on what its all about with a nice and airy, relaxing tune. I love Hypnagogs use of sinewaves, jumpy but calming at the same time. Track four, Reflections No. 2, starts out as a cinematic, orchestral audio experience that slowly introduces a great bassline and those awesome sinewaves again and almost giving off an 80’s industrial pop vibe. This EP is a great release for starting off the new year, check it out.

Hypnagog – Dreaming In Pieces EP.

Phvsr – Bassment

Phvsr - BassmentPhvsr offers us four tracks of well produced house music. Clocking in at just under half an hour, this release does what house music should do – get you moving. Good synth work, big fat square basses and grooving drum patterns all fit together snugly. I’m a big fan of beat drop outs and drop ins and syncopated basslines, and Phvsr definitely delivers with this release.

Phvsr – Bassment

Cie – Bonbon E.P.

BonbonA house ep that doesn’t disappoint.  Clocking in at just under thirty minutes, this is a release that pushes all the right buttons, and scratches that techno itch in just the right spot. Track number five has got to be my favorite techno track so far this year, if for no other reason than the wobbly synth that goes crazy at about 3:40, jumping back out of the way just in time for the relentless beat to come back in.

Cie – Bonbon E.P.

bahgheera – Space Cops

Here’s a stupid track I made to go along with a video. Fast paced corny techno, it’s really something I just did real quick and doesn’t even feature things like composition or creativity, but apparently, according to several people its a pretty hot track. So…

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EDIT: And here is the video:

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