Photo manipulations by Jan Oliehoek

JanOliehoek-01Check out some outstanding illustrations by Jan Oliehoek. Jan works with photo manipulations, and was interviewed by the folks over at The Design Inspiration. Amazing combinations of animals, fantastic chimeras and biological wonders from the mind of Jan fill the page, apocalyptic visions assault the vision and sci-fi panoramas top it all off.

The Design Inspiration – Daily Logo Designs, Illustration Art, Website Showcase, Photos and Patterns.

Aviary, an online image editor

I found a great image editor / paint program. It features some really cool effects and a way of creating art that I’ve never seen before – in a visual art package anyway. It uses generators and effects that can be chained together like audio components use cables to route signals. It’s free, but it will stick a watermark on your images unless you upgrade to the 24.99 / year Pro account.


The World in panoramic –

I have long been fascinated with panoramic photography, although my own experiments with the technique have been, eh, less than satisfactory. has some beautiful, breathtaking panoramic photography of various locations throughout the world. The photos are arranged on a google map, and the site has it’s own viewer that lets you select standard or high resolution. Quick tip – you can use the arrow keys to move around in the photo, and shift and control to zoom in and out, respectivley.

The World in panoramic –

Thanks to Martyn Leat for pointing out his recommended music sources. You can find it at There are some interesting links there, as well as some familiar ones. Thanks for sharing Martyn.


A new media player that incorporates a great idea. Songbird will not only fill the shoes of WMP and Winamp, but also allows you to play websites. It has a built in web browser, so if you were to visit, say reloda, it gives you a list of media files that it finds on the page and allows you to play them as if they were stored locally on your hard drive. If you want to keep a track, you just drag it from the list into your library. It’s at a very early stage (v0.2), but it’s great now so it can only get better. Baggy’s software pick of the year.

Songbird user bar

Draw Here, an innovation in website defacement. It’s like virtual graffiti, and it’s great fun – especially for picking on people while they have no clue whatsoever. (Some of you will know exactly what I’m talking about.) Give it a spin and see what you think; I’ve personally defaced and along with a few forums that I visit.