Hair Of An Olympian

From AP Images Blog: A photo essay of hairstyles sported by various competitors at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Locks and braids of all colors, shapes and sizes adorn these Olympic athletes who don’t mind showing their personal style as they compete. And let me just be the one to say it – amongst these photos you just might catch a glimpse of the last “hairbender”.

Olympic hair that’s a cut above

Rescued Film Project – Rescued WWII

Here is a fairly large gallery of images from found film, taken during WWII. They were developed by The Rescued Film Project. Now, normally when you see these galleries, they are images of things happening in Europe, where the fighting was taking place; pictures of destroyed street corners, blown-up equipment, etc. These, however, show what was taking place on the homefront, a perspective that can go unnoticed. That is why these images are interesting to me.

The Rescued Film Project – rescuedWWII

Jan Banning – Bureaucratics

A fantastic series of photos showing various offices around the world, shot in places such as Texas, Russia, Yemen, and Liberia among others. It’s incredibly interesting to see the environment that people spend their time in. These photos show such a difference from one country to another and among different levels of bureaucracy. When viewing these images, be sure to let your eyes take in every corner of each office and imagine yourself working in that room, coping with the mounds of papers stuffed in every corner, or dealing with the lack of technology, or starting each day off by writing the date and a Bible verse on a blackboard. It’s surely fascinating to see how people all over the world deal with such a common thing.


Jan Banning – Bureaucratics

Photography by Michael Huniewicz

There is a certain age at which everyone must have some sort of adventure. Michael Huniewicz had one in the country of Mauritania, where he rode on top of an iron ore train across the Sahara Desert, capturing incredible images along the way. His entire gallery is widely diverse, having traveled just about eveywhere from the looks of it. It is easy to get lost in the exhaustive amount of photos he has presented on his website. Spend a few minutes on a journey-by-proxy across the desert.

Michael Huniewicz – Mauritania Part 2

Clark Little Photography

Blacktip by Clark LittleClark Little is a photographer in beautiful Hawaii who shoots breaking waves right on the shore, with a style of composition all his own. Here he explains how he started out with a simple point and shoot capturing unique images of breaking waves, and how it exploded into something huge practically overnight. Check out his gallery, the images he records are simply stunning.

Clark Little Photography, Hawaii: Online Gallery.

Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album

Dennis HopperAs if Dennis Hopper wasn’t already practically the epitome of the word “cool”, here is a gallery of his photographic work to enjoy. Dennis’ “counterculture cred” allowed him to get into some unique situations for a photographer. He perfectly captured images of all aspects of life – fairly straightforward street scenes, bullfighting, and lots of Hippie acitivities, but most notable are his photos of people like Andy Warhol, Ike and Tina, The Grateful Dead, etc. His work behind the lens rivals the work he did in front of it.

Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album