Honda – The Power of Dreams – Dream The Impossible – Documentary Series

Honda has an interesting series of short documentaries, the first of which deals with Hondas bi-pedal robot, Asimo. Asimo is a prototype of what Honda intends to be a line of service robots that can assist humans with basic tasks around the house. The video isn’t *too* much more than a marketing video, but it’s interesting all the same. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with Asimo.

Honda – The Power of Dreams – Documentary Series.


I became an instant fan of these guys when I saw this video. Watch the way everyone on the train loosens up by the end of the song. Observe how a normally boring train ride home from work turns into a micro-party, even the complete herbs in the train eventually crack a smile, everyone whips out there blackberrys and camera phones. Be sure to hit up youtube for Naturally7’s concert performances.