Photo manipulations by Jan Oliehoek

JanOliehoek-01Check out some outstanding illustrations by Jan Oliehoek. Jan works with photo manipulations, and was interviewed by the folks over at The Design Inspiration. Amazing combinations of animals, fantastic chimeras and biological wonders from the mind of Jan fill the page, apocalyptic visions assault the vision and sci-fi panoramas top it all off.

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Aviary, an online image editor

I found a great image editor / paint program. It features some really cool effects and a way of creating art that I’ve never seen before – in a visual art package anyway. It uses generators and effects that can be chained together like audio components use cables to route signals. It’s free, but it will stick a watermark on your images unless you upgrade to the 24.99 / year Pro account.


Visual Acoustics

Here’s an interesting toy to play with: a visual interface for creating music. Purely an improv tool, Visual Acoustics gives you several ‘brushes’ to paint a canvas with. Each brush is associated with a different instrument, such as strings, guitar, piano, stand up bass, and others.

I found that the strings and flute sound really great to start out with. This should hold your attention for at least a few minutes, anyway.

Visual Acoustics

Binh Danh – Photographs On Leaves

Here is an amazing collection photographs on leaves. The artist developed an amazing technique to transfer images from a negative onto a living leaf. Once the image is transfered, it is preserved in resin. These stirring images are of Vietnamese prisoners of war at a prison camp in Cambodia.