I made a song!

Well it’s been a few years since I’ve done this.

I’ve been listening to EDM artists lately. This is heavily influenced by KSHMR. Hope you like it.

I need to start something new.

Well well well… another meaningless post. Gotta be creative at some point right? How do you create when you’ve got nothing to say? I need some ideas. How about I tell you about the ideas I’ve got already?

For starters, I’ve been doing a lot of woodworking. You may not know it, but my house was almost destroyed in a flood last year (Hurricane Florence). So I did a lot of the work to rebuild – electrical, insulation, and I built my kitchen cabinets. It was a learning process (and still is, I’m not quite done yet). So yes, woodworking is in my wheel house at the moment. I’d like to build gift boxes for folks, and eventually furniture.

MYOG – that stands for Make Your Own Gear. I have an idea for a storage system for my Jeep. I want mount a piece of wood in the overhead that is covered with velcro / heavy duty elastic. Then I will make various types of bags out of heavy duty material (canvas?) that will attach to the “dock”.

Painting. I keep seeing videos on Youtube of people painting by simply pouring acrylic paint on a canvas and doing different things to move the paint around. I would like to try this.

Watercolor – I know I can draw simple scenes, I’d like to take that to the next level by adding watercolors.

Photography. Man I miss photography. I should jump over to the photography blog after I post here (does it even still function at this point?). I would love to get back into photography, but I feel like I’ve reached some kind of plateau or a wall or something. Every time I take photos with the intent of creating art it looks flat, lifeless, colorless. I should take the approach of a beginner again and start from scratch. Maybe?

Music. Dude. I haven’t made a decent piece of music in YEARS. I still play my guitar when I can. But I just run through the same old playlist of songs; I’m not progressing. I don’t do computer music anymore either. I get frustrated with the software, and the creative spark goes out by the time I figure out why my software won’t do what I need it to. I’m sitting here surrounded by guitars and audio interfaces and microphones and hardly any of the stuff gets used. Why is that? What am I doing here? I need to pick back up where I left off.

It’s been a hard year, these last twelve months or so. Here’s hoping I can get out of this slump and create again.