Lee Rosevere – Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Lee Rosevere does his own brand of instrumental funk on this release. With a quirky, retro feel, the six tracks run the gamut from smooth and jazzy to hip-hop to beatles-esque. Top notch drum programming keeps the funkiness in the forefront. Out of the whole set, I think track six, Stormbox, is my favorite, mainly because of the huge drumbreak in the background and the big ol’ fat synth doing weird things in the foreground, but also it’s interesting to hear samples from who knows where fading in and out and sounding all out of place and discordant, and finally the entire track implodes in a synth patch nightmare. This is definitely worth a listen – and if you’re like me, you’ll want to have this blazing out the windows of your car as well.

Lee Rosevere – Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously.

Sliptone – Funk Agent 1

Awww snizzap son, it’s time for some downtempo hip-hop. Check out this funky six-track release from Budabeats. Mixing hip-hop with elements of house and funk, this is an all over the place audio trip that will have you tapping your feet and drumming beats on the desk. Reminiscent of Revolution Void, this style of music features jazzy basslines, breakbeats, wah-wahed synths and funk guitars – you name it, it’s in there. The first track, entitled Birds And The Bees, is a humorous take on ‘the talk’ (don’t worry, it’s family friendly). The other five tracks follow suit, making this an first-class, entertaining and just downright fun release.

Sliptone – Funk Agent 1.

Schilli-San – Smooth Situations

Schilli SanFrom the German net label Sofasound comes Schilli San. Smooth Situations is indeed what this release is all about; it doesn’t get much smoother. I once heard that if the mirror inside the hubble space telescope was scaled up to the size of the Atlantic ocean, the imperfections would only be a couple thousandths of an inch high. Thats how smooth these seven tracks are. Jazz influences combine with slightly glitchy drum tracks and acoustic instruments are mixed with synthesized instruments and samples that drive the whole thing home. Smooth Situations is a don’t miss release.

Tru Thoughts

Tru ThoughtsTru Thoughts is a netlabel that features artists such as Bonobo and Quantic. They have a freebie page as well as a podcast. Check out the free tracks, the four that are there now will be taken down on March 20. Four quality tracks of downtempo chilledness. Get ’em before they’re gone. Then check back for more.

Band Of Mad Women – Rodopted

The name of this group is apt. These folks do things musically that normally just shouldn’t be done, but they pull it off quite nicely. For instance, a reggae vocal track over a funk bassline, american indian style chanting mixed into an electro track, etc. Weird, but in a good way. A very good way.

While you’re checking out Band Of Mad Women, head on over to Britney. and vote for them. Britney. is a music blog that operates like Digg.com in that users vote for the items they’d like to see on the front page. I’ve made some excellent finds there so far.

Nick Schelle – We Should Have Been Done Hours Ago

Electronic breaks and funk well done. Nine tracks of funkiness with a slightly humorous edge. The second track, Kashirai, really stands out – the fast hand drum line really makes the track. Then the organ comes in – perfection. Wrong Man is another good track, it reminds me of the Chemical Brothers track ‘Born Too Slow’. This album is top notch, probably one of my best finds on the net so far.