Charts and Maps – Enemies of C.Frias

Charts and Maps


Ugh, it’s been too long. I’m done with work for the year though, so I’ll get some music posted in the next few days. To start off with, here’s Charts and Maps with their release Enemies of C.Frias. It’s four tracks of a sort of art / jazz / rock type of sound, hard to classify really. They are all over the chord scale on every track, almost to the point of experimental music, but the songs remain structured and have just enough edge to make it a worthy listen.

Kovacs – Eastern Block EP

KovacsKovacs brings six tracks of odd, dark pseudo-jazz / downtempo. Beginning with Trip to Nomoreland, we are introduced to the EP with a sort of dream-like flight instruction mixed with some Sputnik transmission type noises. This all quickly gives way to a mellow tune that reminds me of Revolution Void. Next up is the slow mover Torespont, a droning cello with jazz drums, a moaning sax, and other assorted orchestral instruments to form an audio canvas so dark you’ll need a flashlight to find your way to the next track – Jazz.zene. I’m still trying to place the accent in the opening sample. Faster paced and more lively, the rest of the EP delivers a strange, dark message, one that we are all aware of but don’t really want to think about. The last track lightens up just a bit, waltzing by in two and a half minutes.

This is a great release, big thanks to Kovacs for bringing his music to the world.

Foolk – Bleep Bleep

A new ep from Foolk has been released. Foolk, formerly known as Foolcut, does a sort of hip hop / breakbeat / jazz thing thats difficult to describe. You just have to hear it. This ep brings three tracks of energetic electronic music to your ears. More organic and flowing than his previous release, but still in typical Foolcut style, the basslines fit perfectly with the almost glitched out synth / sample work. Track one, Bleep Bleep, sounds almost like a reworking of Royksopps ‘Eple’. Next is ‘Space Blues’, a chillout track with rap vox over it. Sounds perfect, I only wish I knew what the lyrics were. Or what language for that matter. Apologies in advance if they aren’t family friendly. The last track is a live version of Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood’.

All in all, this is a great release, especially combined with the previous one.

Thanks to Ladybird for sending me a note about this release.

Schilli-San – Smooth Situations

Schilli SanFrom the German net label Sofasound comes Schilli San. Smooth Situations is indeed what this release is all about; it doesn’t get much smoother. I once heard that if the mirror inside the hubble space telescope was scaled up to the size of the Atlantic ocean, the imperfections would only be a couple thousandths of an inch high. Thats how smooth these seven tracks are. Jazz influences combine with slightly glitchy drum tracks and acoustic instruments are mixed with synthesized instruments and samples that drive the whole thing home. Smooth Situations is a don’t miss release.

Whats Left – Speedstar

SpeedstarDavid Lichtenberger and Thomas Herlth at Tokyo Trauma have come up with five tracks of electrojazz excellence that you absolutely must not miss. This is a difficult one to link to, as all Tokyo Trauma’s releases are on one page so this will require a tiny bit of effort on your part. Click the link, and fourth from the bottom of the page is a release called Speedstar by Whats Left. These five tracks are in a word – awesome.

A jazz tune

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Just a little something I did a few nights ago because I found a bass sound I liked. I don’t pretend to know a thing about jazz, I just diddled around on the piano to imitate the jazz I have heard in the past.

Revolution Void – Thread Soul

Yes! Revolution Void has released another full length album. Revolution Void is organized by Jonah Dempcy, who has a knack for combining jazz and breakbeats to create something that no one else is doing. Thread Soul is a funky electro trip down the jazz aisle. I especially enjoy track 2, ‘Biomythos’ – the stand up bass is perfect, combined with ambient stabs here and there to keep it moving and the everpresent breakbeat. Then track three, ‘Mind Mapping’ goes in an experimental direction, a trip best experienced on head phones.

Thread Soul gets my pick for net release of the year.