Kovacs – Eastern Block EP

KovacsKovacs brings six tracks of odd, dark pseudo-jazz / downtempo. Beginning with Trip to Nomoreland, we are introduced to the EP with a sort of dream-like flight instruction mixed with some Sputnik transmission type noises. This all quickly gives way to a mellow tune that reminds me of Revolution Void. Next up is the slow mover Torespont, a droning cello with jazz drums, a moaning sax, and other assorted orchestral instruments to form an audio canvas so dark you’ll need a flashlight to find your way to the next track – Jazz.zene. I’m still trying to place the accent in the opening sample. Faster paced and more lively, the rest of the EP delivers a strange, dark message, one that we are all aware of but don’t really want to think about. The last track lightens up just a bit, waltzing by in two and a half minutes.

This is a great release, big thanks to Kovacs for bringing his music to the world.

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