Mikael Fyrek – A Thousand Years and One

Mikael Fyrek - A Thousand Years And OneFrom the Kahvi Collective, probably the most prolific outlet of quality artists on the internet for the last decade, comes Mikael Fyrek with his icy set of five tracks. Captivating, glitched drums and thoughtful melodies are the centerpiece of this release. Ambient sounds are integrated with long drawn out themes, funky bass sounds supporting it all. This is one of the best from Kahvi yet.

Mikael Fyrek – A Thousand Years And One

1 thought on “Mikael Fyrek – A Thousand Years and One

  1. Wow, this is amazing work.
    I just got finished watching the first Matrix and then I started listing to Mikael Fyrek and I feel like the world is beautifully turning slow.

    These melodic songs really captivate your imagination. I love how music can make realize the things around you, and their importance.
    I feel like being creative and trying to make something! 🙂

    Thanks for the Tunes!

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