bahgheera’s orbit started out as my own little site where I could share links and images with my friends and family. But over time it has grown into a place where I can share my music, various artwork, and on the main page, links to interesting things found on the web. This includes free music. The music that I link to is always legally free, sometimes covered under the creative commons license. The music you’ll find here isn’t always of the same style or genre, but it will have artistic value. None of this random noises, strange clicking and static for fifteen minutes. Thats garbage. I only link to well formed, structured, and clever music. If you know of a good netlabel, then contact me and tell me about it. Thanks loyal followers!


bahgheera’s gear:PC: Custom built AMD Phenom 9950, Biostar TA790GXE mobo, 4GB of Crucial Ballistix DDR-800 RAM, and onboard ATI Radeon HD 3300 graphics.

Software: FL Studio 9.5 and a multitude of vsti’s


  • Line 6 Spider 110
  • Line 6 Toneport UX-1
  • Yamaha Pacifica
  • Washburn D-10
  • Gibson LP
  • Fender Bass (Unkown model)
  • Carera SB-01 Bass
  • Various cardboard tubes, bottles, metal cans, and other objects that make a sound when struck, dropped, fanned, blown on or in, or physically manipulated in any way. 😀

All photos in the gallery section were made with a Canon EOS Rebel, Olympus D-425, Kodak C533, or Blackberry Curve.