Mikael Fyrek – A Thousand Years and One

Mikael Fyrek - A Thousand Years And OneFrom the Kahvi Collective, probably the most prolific outlet of quality artists on the internet for the last decade, comes Mikael Fyrek with his icy set of five tracks. Captivating, glitched drums and thoughtful melodies are the centerpiece of this release. Ambient sounds are integrated with long drawn out themes, funky bass sounds supporting it all. This is one of the best from Kahvi yet.

Mikael Fyrek – A Thousand Years And One

Audiokonstrukte – Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears

Audiokonstrukte creates jazzy, noisy electro awash with dub reggae influences. Beautiful deep synth sounds and bouncy, tight drum beats combine with funky square basslines, with some glitched out echoes and bleeps and blips thrown in for good measure. There are also a lot of simulated natural sounds Рby which I mean sounds you would expect to hear in your backyard just before the sun touches the horizon. The careful listener will be rewarded by noticing these sounds. Audiokonstrukte sounds similar to R̦yksopp. Enjoy!

Audiokonstrukte – Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears

one bit wonder – Audiokonstrukte’s net-label.

Lunar – Wall Of Sound

Lunar Wall Of Sound coverRemember Lunar? Another stunning release has been issued forth from the brain of Lunar. His last release, Hybrid Awaken, was top notch and the follow up is only better in every way. Wall Of Sound has everything – ethnic instruments blended with electronic beats and synths, staccato rhythms and minimal basslines mix it up with orchestral strings, piano and electric guitar. This release is such a melting pot of different styles but it still boils down to one style and that style is simply Lunar.

Schilli-San – Smooth Situations

Schilli SanFrom the German net label Sofasound comes Schilli San. Smooth Situations is indeed what this release is all about; it doesn’t get much smoother. I once heard that if the mirror inside the hubble space telescope was scaled up to the size of the Atlantic ocean, the imperfections would only be a couple thousandths of an inch high. Thats how smooth these seven tracks are. Jazz influences combine with slightly glitchy drum tracks and acoustic instruments are mixed with synthesized instruments and samples that drive the whole thing home. Smooth Situations is a don’t miss release.