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Some good news, bahgheera’s orbit now has a search function. You will notice at the top of the page, a search box; it is tuned to produce results that favor music on the internet, so use it to find what you want. Happy hunting.

Binh Danh – Photographs On Leaves

Here is an amazing collection photographs on leaves. The artist developed an amazing technique to transfer images from a negative onto a living leaf. Once the image is transfered, it is preserved in resin. These stirring images are of Vietnamese prisoners of war at a prison camp in Cambodia.

Draw Here

Drawhere.com, an innovation in website defacement. It’s like virtual graffiti, and it’s great fun – especially for picking on people while they have no clue whatsoever. (Some of you will know exactly what I’m talking about.) Give it a spin and see what you think; I’ve personally defaced foxnews.com and myspace.com along with a few forums that I visit.

Band Of Mad Women – Rodopted

The name of this group is apt. These folks do things musically that normally just shouldn’t be done, but they pull it off quite nicely. For instance, a reggae vocal track over a funk bassline, american indian style chanting mixed into an electro track, etc. Weird, but in a good way. A very good way.

While you’re checking out Band Of Mad Women, head on over to Britney. and vote for them. Britney. is a music blog that operates like Digg.com in that users vote for the items they’d like to see on the front page. I’ve made some excellent finds there so far.

Revolution Void – Thread Soul

Yes! Revolution Void has released another full length album. Revolution Void is organized by Jonah Dempcy, who has a knack for combining jazz and breakbeats to create something that no one else is doing. Thread Soul is a funky electro trip down the jazz aisle. I especially enjoy track 2, ‘Biomythos’ – the stand up bass is perfect, combined with ambient stabs here and there to keep it moving and the everpresent breakbeat. Then track three, ‘Mind Mapping’ goes in an experimental direction, a trip best experienced on head phones.

Thread Soul gets my pick for net release of the year.