Sphere Of Hip Hop – Various

Lots and lots and *lots* of tracks to download from this netlabel. Sphere of hip hop also has a podcast and a radio / jukebox type of thing. All the music (so far, there’s quite a bit I haven’t got to yet) is top notch production-wise and compositionally. Definitely don’t skip this one, this is one of those rare treasures found every so often.

Ashley Gore

Ashley Gore sings classics from the past, and has provided four of his tracks for download. Mack the Knife, Come Fly With Me, Across the Sea and Moon Dance are availiable. Ashley pulls off these tunes without a flaw, so give him a listen, you’re bound to be impressed.


Uh oh. The hard drive with all the website stuff is gone… disappeared. It may be a week or two before I get it back up to copy everything to a new HD, but stay tuned. More good music is on the way.

Photos of WWII

Look at these photos of the second infantry division of the U.S. Army during World War II. Very interesting. I assume most of us have never taken the time to examine and contemplate images of this nature. Hopefully it will make you think. At any rate, if you spend five minutes looking at pictures of the heroes of our nation instead of watching television, well then that’s an accomplishment.