Jamil Mustafa

Jamil MustafaRadio style hip hop and rap. Jamil has nine tracks of top notch hip hop, produced in my studio software of choice, FL Studio. He has a style reminiscent of eminem, but we won’t hold that against him, as his lyrics don’t contain quite the level of chest beating that commercial music does. 😀 Be sure to pay attention to the track Labyrinth, my personal favorite.

Nick Schelle – We Should Have Been Done Hours Ago

Electronic breaks and funk well done. Nine tracks of funkiness with a slightly humorous edge. The second track, Kashirai, really stands out – the fast hand drum line really makes the track. Then the organ comes in – perfection. Wrong Man is another good track, it reminds me of the Chemical Brothers track ‘Born Too Slow’. This album is top notch, probably one of my best finds on the net so far.