Casimirs Blake – Ejecta Nebula

The Kahvi Collective has, for quite a number of years now, and each of their releases has a unique sound and style that can only be described as ‘Kahvi Music’. Casimirs Blake created Kahvi’s latest release, Ejecta Nebula, and it doesn’t disappoint. With the typical relaxed, Kahvi attitude inherent in each track, Blake presents a galactic soundscape that is part ambient and part breakbeat, upbeat space music infused with subtle percussion and flowing atmospheres that will melt away reality for a while and bring you back to it refreshed and recharged.

Casimirs Blake – Ejecta Nebula

StillStream Radio

Hi folks. Sorry for the loooong time between updates… I’ll try to get some more music searched out and posted here pretty soon. I’ve been SO busy what with my company going out of business and all. I’m changing career paths now; I’ve decided to exit the marine industry the way a 1980’s communication satellite exits orbit – screaming down from the sky in a blaze of flame and smoke.

So, musically here’s what I have for you today. StillStream Radio, a net radio station, plays all sorts of ambient music, 24 / 7. It’s great for background noise while you’re being creative, or to fall asleep to. When I say all sorts of ambient music, I mean ALL sorts. From the website:

– Soothing light ambient
– Ambient mood music
– Impenetrable dark ambient
– Berlin-school electronic ambient
– Challenging experimental ambient
– Futuristic ambient noise
– Powerful tribal ambient
– Cinematic symphonic ambient
– Expansive space music
– Textural abstract ambient

I didn’t realize all that even existed. So enjoy some ambient sounds, be creative, and check back here in a few days – music is on the way.

StillStream Radio

bahgheera – Black Outside, Black Inside (Incident On Rama 3)

I’ve been all alone here on Rama 3 now for about four weeks.

I don’t know where everyone went, how they left, or why. Just gone, leaving me here – alone? Only minimal life support systems are up, nothing else. Lighting, above all else, is the one system that I have begun to crave. The only light I have left is my flashlight, and batteries are running low. I haven’t explored my crewmates cabins yet, seems wrong to open the door to someone elses quarters. Especially not knowing what I’ll find on the other side. But maybe there are batteries there. Or clues to what happened. Maybe thats what I’m avoiding.

Aside from that, all the logs are updated and nothing is out of place, yet here I am, isolated, hundreds of thousands of miles from anything.

No communications are working – I can’t raise any other outpost, ship, or Earth. I have no way of sending word, no way of receiving information about what may be happening outside…

Oh yes, outside. The noises started six days ago. First, banging. Knocking and banging all over the outside hull, especially near the airlocks. Who – or what – is it? Then came other noises – possibly powered craft of some type, but who is controlling it? Today the banging is so hard that I can actually feel the floor give just a little bit. If it gets any harder, the station will leave orbit… I don’t want to think about that.

I’m waiting for someone to come back, someone to explain to me just what is going on. Because I didn’t sign up for this. I didn’t sign up to live the last few days of my life in sheer terror. Terrified of simply not knowing what is out there – what is possibly trying to get in here. I have enough supplies and oxygen to make it another few weeks, after that I don’t know what I’ll do. Although I have a pretty good idea… I promised myself I wouldn’t think of that until I absolutely have to, though.

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