Foolk – Bleep Bleep

A new ep from Foolk has been released. Foolk, formerly known as Foolcut, does a sort of hip hop / breakbeat / jazz thing thats difficult to describe. You just have to hear it. This ep brings three tracks of energetic electronic music to your ears. More organic and flowing than his previous release, but still in typical Foolcut style, the basslines fit perfectly with the almost glitched out synth / sample work. Track one, Bleep Bleep, sounds almost like a reworking of Royksopps ‘Eple’. Next is ‘Space Blues’, a chillout track with rap vox over it. Sounds perfect, I only wish I knew what the lyrics were. Or what language for that matter. Apologies in advance if they aren’t family friendly. The last track is a live version of Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood’.

All in all, this is a great release, especially combined with the previous one.

Thanks to Ladybird for sending me a note about this release.