Hamsa Lila

Hamsa LilaIs Hamsa Lila Trance? Or Rock? Or World? A little of all three, an acoustic band that does some jazzy trance numbers that will take you somewhere in between the earth and clouds. Ethnic instruments combine with modern dance beats and wonderfully smooth vocals that speak to that mysterious part of your mind that likes to adventure to exotic locations while you’re asleep. Give that bit of your brain what it wants – it wants some Hamsa Lila.

Band Of Mad Women – Rodopted

The name of this group is apt. These folks do things musically that normally just shouldn’t be done, but they pull it off quite nicely. For instance, a reggae vocal track over a funk bassline, american indian style chanting mixed into an electro track, etc. Weird, but in a good way. A very good way.

While you’re checking out Band Of Mad Women, head on over to Britney. and vote for them. Britney. is a music blog that operates like Digg.com in that users vote for the items they’d like to see on the front page. I’ve made some excellent finds there so far.


Olchey! Tuvan throat singing at it’s finest. This is a video of a concert by a group apparently called Olchey. Not much information is availiable at the site, but trust me – it’s worth the download. There are five members, all playing various stringed instruments, with two (maybe three?) vocalists performing in the Tuvan throat singing style. This is a must download video! It requires the DivX player, and it’s a large file (550 MB) so you’ll want to have broadband to get this. Enjoy!

Geppy – A Matter Of Time EP

Mad mad break rock! Electro, world, breakbeat, and who knows what else make up these outstanding two tracks. The first track, A Matter Of Time, is breakbeat mixed with some RATM style guitar / distorted synth type sounds, fast paced and nonstop all the way through. The second track, Rootsick, is a tad more soulful and cerebral, while maintaining the same pace as the first track. If you don’t listen to anything else you find here, at least listen to Geppy.


stimmhorn.jpgAll I can say about these fellows is WOW! Amazing sound from some swiss guys, combines yodeling, resonant throat singing, various horn type instruments, and modern electronic glitchy music. You absolutely *must* check this out. If you only listen to one track from Stimmhorn, make sure it’s ‘Minor’, the first one on the page. Do not miss this!

Stellamara – Star Of The Sea

_11.26.05 // There’s a new track in the music section called Landing. And for todays album:
I don’t even know how to begin to describe Stellamara, other than simply beautiful. Star Of The Sea is a moving album, full of lush soundscapes that evoke a peaceful sense of exploration. From the website:
Their music incorporates medieval European, Persian, Arabic, Indian, Turkish and Balkan with subtle electronic textures. The result is a sublime new level of mystery, beauty and depth.
Definitely give this one a listen!