Charts and Maps – Enemies of C.Frias

Charts and Maps


Ugh, it’s been too long. I’m done with work for the year though, so I’ll get some music posted in the next few days. To start off with, here’s Charts and Maps with their release Enemies of C.Frias. It’s four tracks of a sort of art / jazz / rock type of sound, hard to classify really. They are all over the chord scale on every track, almost to the point of experimental music, but the songs remain structured and have just enough edge to make it a worthy listen.

Slava – Sunflower

Slava - SunflowerSlava brings us some dark, ambient sounds. I’m not sure how to classify this one, it’s experimental but not *too* experimental. Slava crosses the line into the realm of the weird, but doesn’t go too far on Sunflower. A range of styles are represented here – ambient, breakbeat, electro-blues, jazz, d’n’b, a little bit of everything is on the table. This is a strange pick for me, but it’s doing the job – keeping my ears happy.

Slava – Sunflower

Singing Crane – The Rising EP

SC Cover artSinging Crane has released a five track ep of his signature style electro. A mixup of breakbeats, trance, and decidedly eerie synth sounds take the listener on a moving trip through the cosmos of the mind. Beats that keep the listener paying attention mingle with classic synth sounds and an assortment of audio textures that tie it all together. Singing Crane also has a flash player at his site with lots of his other music. Check him out, and let him know what you think at The FLipside, a forum that he runs dedicated to the worlds greatest music production software, FL Studio.

Easily Embarrassed – From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning (I Don't Want To Sleep)

Easily EmbarrassedOne single track, weighing in at just under twenty one minutes, it’s like moving through a tunnel – the entrance starts at a cold, technological and sterile environment. The exit is completely opposite, a lush organic aurally rich world of melodies and textures. This is a pleasant train ride through a mountain of possible sound.

Kali Frogz – Archive EP

Kali FrogzThis set of tracks has a dark, sort of industrial, feel to it. Sparse at times, dense at others, the music throughout has a deeply disturbing feel to it. Droning bass pads and hip hop drum samples accompany a variety of sounds, including Dr. Martin Luther King, robotic vocals, and other, more disturbing, noises. I usually don’t care for experimental stuff, but Kali Frogz is an exception. Only five tracks, this EP clocks in at almost thirty four minutes. Best to listen to in a dark room with no disturbances.