Schilli-San – Smooth Situations

Schilli SanFrom the German net label Sofasound comes Schilli San. Smooth Situations is indeed what this release is all about; it doesn’t get much smoother. I once heard that if the mirror inside the hubble space telescope was scaled up to the size of the Atlantic ocean, the imperfections would only be a couple thousandths of an inch high. Thats how smooth these seven tracks are. Jazz influences combine with slightly glitchy drum tracks and acoustic instruments are mixed with synthesized instruments and samples that drive the whole thing home. Smooth Situations is a don’t miss release.

Obsibilo – Movie on the Moon – subnet014

Obsiblio - Movie on the MoonJazzy electro music. The vibe set up by this release will have you mellowed out and tapping your toes. Snappy and smooth at the same time. Great release, great netlabel as well. Excellent basslines by this artist also.

Tru Thoughts

Tru ThoughtsTru Thoughts is a netlabel that features artists such as Bonobo and Quantic. They have a freebie page as well as a podcast. Check out the free tracks, the four that are there now will be taken down on March 20. Four quality tracks of downtempo chilledness. Get ’em before they’re gone. Then check back for more.

Sunburn In Cyprus

Various tracks by Sunburn In Cyprus, featuring chilled out, mellow vocals by Milena Jurczik over down tempo tracks that create a totally relaxing mood. If you like Morcheeba, then check out Sunburn In Cyprus.