Easily Embarrassed – From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning (I Don't Want To Sleep)

Easily EmbarrassedOne single track, weighing in at just under twenty one minutes, it’s like moving through a tunnel – the entrance starts at a cold, technological and sterile environment. The exit is completely opposite, a lush organic aurally rich world of melodies and textures. This is a pleasant train ride through a mountain of possible sound.

Kali Frogz – Archive EP

Kali FrogzThis set of tracks has a dark, sort of industrial, feel to it. Sparse at times, dense at others, the music throughout has a deeply disturbing feel to it. Droning bass pads and hip hop drum samples accompany a variety of sounds, including Dr. Martin Luther King, robotic vocals, and other, more disturbing, noises. I usually don’t care for experimental stuff, but Kali Frogz is an exception. Only five tracks, this EP clocks in at almost thirty four minutes. Best to listen to in a dark room with no disturbances.

Song of an Iceberg

IcebergHere is an article describing the sound an iceberg makes. Who would have thought? Some pretty amazing sounds to listen to, the sound of an iceberg is eerie and disturbing.

It’s amazing the sounds that come from our own earth. Go to Stephen McGreevy’s page to hear his ELF and VLF recordings of various atmospheric radio emissions. Then go to this page to hear the sinister sounds of Saturn.

A Beautiful Machine – Home

ABM CoverThis album is a moving journey through space to an ocean on a distant world. Walls of sound, guitar textures and occasional vocals blend together to form this ambient cosmic trip, over fifty minutes long – I would’ve thought it would take much longer than that to get to where A Beautiful Machine is going.


DUDE! The eyepatch man is back! He’s alive… after getting wiped the heck out by the sonic fence!

So how come the smoke monster couldn’t go over the top of the sonic fence like Kate, Jack, Locke and Sawyer did? How come Kate, Jack, Locke and Sawyer could even go over the sonic fence? Wouldn’t the designers have a tiny clue about the little gap between the booms? All that tech and they leave a hole that big and that simple? Huh?

Easter pics of the kids

Sisters 004I took Cara and Amelia to Greenfield park the week before easter for photos. I think they turned out ok, Sisters 003considering the low light and the fact that I had to scan the photos in. I played around with different effects in photshop also; I’m not too sure about how that worked but I’ll let the public decide. It was difficult managing a four year old and a one year old into position for a portrait style shot, I don’t know how the professional photographers do it – I was certainly Sisters 001about to lose my mind after five minutes. I finally just let the little Sisters 002one do what she wanted while I waited for her to accidentally be in the right position. This technique does not work. Trust me. After about an hour (twenty minutes of which I spent shooting with no film in the camera – aargh!) I finally felt like I had some decent enough shots and twice as many bug bites, so we got on out of there until next year. Stay tuned, more to come as I get them scanned in, cropped and adjusted.

UPDATE: New Easter Pics in the gallery. Much better ones this time.