Testing testing…

Well well well. As many of you know, I lost my job a few weeks ago. My company decided to shut down the plant where I worked. And just when I was loving what I did so much! But alas, the marine world will have to carry on without me from this point on. I seriously don’t see myself returning to anything marine industry related in the future.

So back in October I began the interview process with a company that supplies nuclear maintenance personnel. After two long months of interviews and all day events involving dexterity, mechanical aptitude, and mental instability tests, I finally got the call today. ‘Yes, we’d like you to join our team. Yes, we’ll send you to school for the next two years, on our dime. Yes, you’re going to have one of the coolest (if not one of the most dangerous) jobs in the world.’

I’ll be attending Cape Fear Community College for the next two years, learning nuclear maintenance. Which basically means rebuilding nuclear reactor vessels inside power plants. Sounds like great fun to me, I can’t wait to get started. And I’ll be on the new company’s payroll before my stay bonus from the old company runs out. Wish me luck, everyone, I’ll certainly need it. And if you wake up one night and notice a strange blue glow on the horizon, well that probably just means I’ve arrived in town to work on your local nuclear power plant. 😉