sleepmakeswaves – In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

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A beautiful and moving release, the band sleepmakeswaves from Sydney gives us almost forty minutes of sweeping ambience intermingled with heavy guitars. ‘In Today Already Walks Tomorrow’ is beyond post-rock, beyond progressive. These Aussies have invented something all their own. The music presented here is sometimes quiet and introspective, sometimes loud, rowdy and in your face. If you like The Big Sleep, Three, or Explosions in the Sky, then you will love sleepmakeswaves.

sleepmakeswaves – In Today Already Walks Tomorrow.

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I Am The Architect – 11

From the Lost Children netlabel we have I AM THE ARCHITECT. Post rock, but with a pop edge to it. Lots of catchy melodic goodness on this solid half hour of music. IATA has a lush full sound, with many more instruments than you usually find in the standard post rock fare. Synths, piano, flute, strings, orchestral instruments adorn each track perfectly. They sound a bit like Muse, with no vox. These four fellows stand out in the world of post rock, so definitely give them a listen, then let them know what you thought on their myspace.

I Am The Architect – 11