Starcadian – HE^RT

I came across this while on Some posted that they had made a music video with a donated cockpit and $200. I was absolutely blown away by the mood that the video conveys. The slowness of it – the music, whats happening in the video, combine to create a mellow, subdued atmosphere that is perfect.

To begin with, the video has a “VHS” effect applied to it that takes me right back to 1986, when my family would stop by a brand new store in town called “Adventure Land Video” and rent a VCR and a couple of movies for the weekend. Back to the Future, Explorers, Tron, The Black Hole, they all filled my Friday nights around that time. It was nothing short of miraculous to be able to watch a movie whenever you wanted, to be able to rewind and watch it again.

The video is set in a cockpit, in space, with a pilot on some sort of mission involving a 3 1/4″ floppy disk. Whats on the disk? Coordinates, autopilot instructions? Some secret of the universe? The disk seems to be mystical somehow, you’ll see why at the end. Nothing much really happens in the video though, but this is not a bad thing. It’s a couple of minutes of the stars reflecting in the pilots visor, some interior shots of the cockpit, and a computer generated face somwhere (possibly on some exterior part of the ship?) which is singing the lyrics to the song. The end of the video features some slight 2001-esque action, with the pilot flying into some sort of fantastic light field.

Now, normally I link you to a free album. This time I’m linking you to a video and telling you to go buy the album. It is on spotify and the rest of the entire album is just as perfect as this one particular song. I would describe Starcadian’s music as a sort of modernized, subdued and mellow Jamiroquai.

Starcadian РHE^RT on vimeo

Starcadian – Sunset Blood, full album on spotify