Long time no see…

It’s been a busy summer what with my company being bought out and a little one who now can walk and explore places such as kitchen cabinets and eh… shall we say ‘sanitary fixtures’? Sorry there’s been no new music here for the last few but things are starting to slow down a bit so music posts should be picking up again. To start off, go check out Stephen Garton’s page. Stephen composes orchestral music. He has thirteen tracks on his site, but unfortunately they are not downloadable. But they are definitely worth listening to, just leave a browser window open in the background and let the sites flash player do the work.

If anyone still comes around these parts, if you know of a band or artist that has music on the web that deserves a mention here, then please by all means contact me. It takes quite a bit of time to search through all the music, worth posting and otherwise, that I come across on the web.

Thanks for remaining loyal readers of bahgheera’s orbit, stay tuned for more music.