Internet Archive: Free Download: Milhaven – Milhaven [12rec.061]

Milhaven is back with a rocking new record. Having departed from their old label, 12rec, they’ve graciously allowed their new release to be downloaded for free from the 12rec website. A little fresher, a little more grown up, they’ve honed their sound and distilled it into a purer form that rocks all the harder.

Eight tracks that run for almost fifty minutes, there are plenty of droning builds and smooth transitions from clean guitar to slamming melt-your-face-off electric guitar; quiet moments that induce a feeling of elation; slow intros leading up to loud and rowdy guitar themes. Milhaven does it just right. Do not miss this – if you’re a fan of post-rock then this release is a must have.

Internet Archive: Free Download: Milhaven – Milhaven [12rec.061].