Radio Of Aliens (Vol. 2) - Cover artThe netlabel LASER VISA offers a pretty cool release by various artists from their stable as a tribute to Yuri Gagarin. These artists sound like they’re straight out of 1985, in a good way. Artists like Ambelion from Ukraine (Ambelions track White Sky Is Blue stands out in particular) and Ergrover, also from Ukraine (who’s track Prototype is exceptional) represent various countries in eastern Europe that remember very well the oddysey undertaken by Yuri Gagarin back in the early 60’s as the first human in space.

As for the music itself, this is how electronic music sounded back in the pioneer days. The final track is absolutely outstanding. Hearkening back to MODEDIT and other tracker programs with the Tron-esque sounds, if you were a hacker / geek kid back in the day, or if you just enjoy lofi electro, then check out this release, and in fact the entire catalog of LASER VISA.

Radio Of Aliens (Vol. 2)