Me and my new favorite band – Decyfer Down

Today I went to Shoutfest, a Christian music festival featuring artists such as Air Five, StorySide:B, and Matt Blair. The music was all pretty awesome for the most part, but Decyfer Down stole the show for me. Ever since learning of them about two months ago on 88.5 The Edge I’ve been listening to their cd End Of Grey almost nonstop. It’s been quite a while since I’ve listened to Christian music, or anything popular on the radio for that matter as you faithful few should know by now. Decyfer Down is a hard rock band, along the lines of Chevelle. It seems I’m coming back around in my musical taste to radio style rock, and this is a good place to start.
I was lucky enough to get to talk to a couple of the band members, who seemed pretty cool guys. I always try to avoid to much contact, cause I don’t want people to think I’m a crazed stalker fan, heh heh. I got some pretty decent pictures of the handful of songs they played and one awesome shot of me with them. Pretty stoked about meeting my latest rock heros. So here’s some shots below and check out Decyfer Down’s music at their myspace page. Yeah yeah I know… myspace! I’m going to break my own rule for once, just go there and listen to ‘Burn Back The Sun’ – thats the song that got me hooked.