Entertainment For The Braindead – Roadkill

EFTB - Roadkill album artLet’s see, how can I describe this? Post-Bluegrass? Hillbilly ambient? Plain old banjo weirdness? Whatever genre you want to try and pigeon-hole this in (ok ok, I’ll go with Experimental), it’s extremely awesome music. Haunting, pulsing rhythms. Bowed instruments. And a banjo. Far away, ethereal vocals. It’s hard to believe she is from the city of Cologne, Germany, and not some sort of Appalachian free spirit stepping out of the mountains, barefoot with banjo slung across her back, singing an eerie melody that echoes off the surround mountainside. This is a definite must listen.

Entertainment For The Braindead – Roadkill

Slow – Strange Dreams

Though ambient is not normally my thing, there is enough motion here to keep my interest all the way through. Strange Dreams is a release that is light and airy at times, dark and heavy at others, but guaranteed to relax you when listened to properly. Fourteen tracks clocking in at just under one hour, this release features plenty of details to keep your attention focused, even going so far as to include vocals in some places.

Slow – Strange Dreams

The Space Music Podcast

spacemusic.nlThis is one of my favorite podcasts. Hosted by TC, from (I think) Holland. TC plays outstanding space, ambient, and new age music during his podcast.

The Space Music Podcast with TC

Altus – The Elements

Altus - The ElementsFire, Water, Earth and Air. The four elements, as described by Altus’ excellent electronic compositions. There are four cd’s worth of material in thirty two tracks here, so get ready for a long listen. Moving atmospheric synths, piano, and orchestral instruments detail various aspects of the natural world, and take you inside each element. Almost minimal in composition, but very moving. Includes printable artwork for each cd.

FieldTriqp – Eidolon EP

Ethereal pads, heavy beats. Ambient music, with a kick. I really liked the way these five tracks flow together. Fieldtriqp also offers a bonus video for one of their tracks. If you like dreamy relaxation music, you’ll love this.

Kopi Luwak – The Art Of War

New age style with a hint of asian influence. Kopi Luwak offers a set of tracks that are minimal, but rock at the same time. Sort of rock and roll with a new age twist. You can sometimes find Kopi at The Auditorium, so drop by and show your appreciation in this thread.