Author Topic: Experience in the Middle of Nowhere  (Read 2229 times)

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Experience in the Middle of Nowhere
« on: September 22, 2023, 09:20:00 AM »
Today I drove back to the hotel from work. It was a rainy morning, but the sun was rising in the east and completely unobscured by clouds. To the east, a picturesque sunrise and to the south, clouds and rain.

After a non-eventful drive I arrived at the hotel - a plain establishment not worth the exorbitant amount charged for a stay, but decent enough that I didn't balk at the cost. You know the type of place. Not a mom and pop, but it's doubtful that the corporate office has much oversight out here in the middle of nowhere.

I walked in through the lobby - usually I go in at the side door because it's closer to the stairs, but today I wanted to grab something to eat for breakfast. In the breakfast area, were two mean old ladies with Brooklyn accents wearing their housecoats and hair in rollers. A third mean old lady with a Brooklyn accent and wearing her housecoat with her hair in rollers soon joined them. They began croaking around the kitchen area, looking for anything that the hotel didn't offer in the way of breakfast.

I grabbed a microwavable sausage biscuit and headed up to my room to eat breakfast and then pass out.