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True Love
« on: May 08, 2015, 10:46:04 PM »
What if we were never meant to be,
What if we never had a chance to make it?
What if the day we met,
Was some kind of cosmic accident,
And the way things should have worked out,
Was that we missed each other,
By the smallest fraction of a second,
I looked right,
When I should have looked left,
And we went our separate ways,
None the wiser?
What if we were coming home one night,
Very late, way past midnight,
And I took that turn too fast,
Lost control of the car,
Rolled it into the woods,
And we died a fiery death,
And everything we've experienced since,
Was simply the last lingering vestiges
Of our spirits,
Dreaming some sort of ghostly fantasy,
Of all the good that might have been?
In spite of all that,
I'd still love you just the same.