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The Hiders
« on: August 11, 2013, 01:23:22 AM »
Sometimes, I like to visit cemeteries.
Especially if they are old and ancient,
With cracked markers scattered around,
Like teeth in the time-worn skull of a hag,
With gums made of spider webs,
Showing in a deranged smile between lips
Made from the parting of darkness and emptiness.
Headstones with dates from the 1800's,
Angels of death carved upon them,
And bits of prose meant to sum up
An entire existence in one sentence,
Failing miserably.
I like to wander places like this,
Peruse the moldy crypts,
The elaborate vaults and tombs,
Wonder about the people who lie there,
Imagine what they must have been like,
What their descendants are doing right now.
Certainly not thinking about the sleepers,
That I am surrounded with
Here in the cemetery.
The best time of day
To pay a visit
Is just before nightfall.
That way you hear every little bit of the story
That a graveyard is meant to tell.
When you are doing this,
Just keep in mind one thing;
Do not look behind the headstones,
The things there do not like to be noticed,
And you could very well become one of them.
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