Tokyo Dawn, it LIVES!!!

Ok, first some background info. Waaay back in the day, when I first started really getting into music (meaning I suddenly realized there was more to music than Megadeth and commercial rock, lol), I stumbled across this new thing on the net called ‘net-labels’. The very first one I found was called Tokyo Dawn Records, and there was such a huge library of great tracks, I thought it would take forever to exhaust it all. Then one day Tokyo Dawn disappeared, leaving behind a simple page stating that Tokyo Dawn would return soon, brand new music, etc. etc. The website stayed that way for at least five years, I’d check it a couple times a year to see if it had come back and it hadn’t. I don’t know how long it’s been since the last time I checked, but now I get a server not responding error so Tokyo Dawn Records is officially gone.

Now, I just stumbled across possibly the greatest find yet. An ftp server on that has a catalog of Tokyo Dawn files from the late 90’s. The files are in mod .xm format, so make sure your player knows how to deal with them. (Winamp does just fine.) Mods are what we kids had back in the days before mp3, heh heh.

So without further adieu – Tokyo Dawn ftp site.


I became an instant fan of these guys when I saw this video. Watch the way everyone on the train loosens up by the end of the song. Observe how a normally boring train ride home from work turns into a micro-party, even the complete herbs in the train eventually crack a smile, everyone whips out there blackberrys and camera phones. Be sure to hit up youtube for Naturally7’s concert performances.

Sphere Of Hip Hop – Various

Lots and lots and *lots* of tracks to download from this netlabel. Sphere of hip hop also has a podcast and a radio / jukebox type of thing. All the music (so far, there’s quite a bit I haven’t got to yet) is top notch production-wise and compositionally. Definitely don’t skip this one, this is one of those rare treasures found every so often.

leutohm – Fluid EP

A smooth set of four tracks that are difficult to classify. Somewhat hip hop, somewhat electro, but definitely worth listening to.

Hermigervill – Lausnin

Bring the funk on with Hermigervill. This is an absolutely EXCELLENT album of hip hop breaks, scratching, old school synth lines, funk, and who knows what else is in there. If you can translate the site, please let me know, I’d love to know what language that is. It looks like Norwegian or something. Anyways… enjoy this one – I know you will.