Revolution Void – Thread Soul

Yes! Revolution Void has released another full length album. Revolution Void is organized by Jonah Dempcy, who has a knack for combining jazz and breakbeats to create something that no one else is doing. Thread Soul is a funky electro trip down the jazz aisle. I especially enjoy track 2, ‘Biomythos’ – the stand up bass is perfect, combined with ambient stabs here and there to keep it moving and the everpresent breakbeat. Then track three, ‘Mind Mapping’ goes in an experimental direction, a trip best experienced on head phones.

Thread Soul gets my pick for net release of the year.

Hermigervill – Lausnin

Bring the funk on with Hermigervill. This is an absolutely EXCELLENT album of hip hop breaks, scratching, old school synth lines, funk, and who knows what else is in there. If you can translate the site, please let me know, I’d love to know what language that is. It looks like Norwegian or something. Anyways… enjoy this one – I know you will.

Nick Schelle – We Should Have Been Done Hours Ago

Electronic breaks and funk well done. Nine tracks of funkiness with a slightly humorous edge. The second track, Kashirai, really stands out – the fast hand drum line really makes the track. Then the organ comes in – perfection. Wrong Man is another good track, it reminds me of the Chemical Brothers track ‘Born Too Slow’. This album is top notch, probably one of my best finds on the net so far.

Geppy – A Matter Of Time EP

Mad mad break rock! Electro, world, breakbeat, and who knows what else make up these outstanding two tracks. The first track, A Matter Of Time, is breakbeat mixed with some RATM style guitar / distorted synth type sounds, fast paced and nonstop all the way through. The second track, Rootsick, is a tad more soulful and cerebral, while maintaining the same pace as the first track. If you don’t listen to anything else you find here, at least listen to Geppy.

de la Mancha

dlMde la Mancha has a knack for putting together funky breakbeats and driving bass rhythms, and smooth synth sounds to create his own completely unique style of electro / breakbeat. His music is good for listening while driving. Check him out, and while you’re at it, shoot him an email and tell him bahgheera said to fling a wellie for me.