Sionnach – Digital Forest


Alright, it’s time for Psytrance Tuesday! Here’s a full album from the Irish psytrance artist Sionnach. Watch for the fancy drum work in each track.

Sionnach – Digital Forest

Windhand – Forest Clouds

Here’s a huge, outer-spacey doom metal track from the band Windhand.

Uncanny Valley

Not music this time – here’s an incredible short film that takes you into a theoretical future. A future that is not as unlikely as I would hope.


Goliath – Smoky Boondocks

Boom! Italian group Goliath brings the heavy with this killer track. Like Kyuss? Check out Goliath!

Old Sun – Deadly Night

Alright, let’s get back to some good old dirty stoner rock, I love this genre. The fuzziness of the guitars, the bluesy riffs, the sense of impending doom. This is a great track recorded live with an old-school feel. Think Sabbath meets early Clutch.