Einstein – The Art Of Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar is a Hungarian born artist with an unusual technique of capturing instants in time. Using gear that he built himself from high speed scanners, he records images from the vantage point of a subway train passing through a station that are unique in that they produce prints that can be as large as eight feet. I can’t even begin to explain the different ways in which he produces his unusual images. Go read the amazing article at Medium.

Einstein’s Camera

Strange Russian Seaplane

Here’s a gallery of photos from an abandoned seaplane. I’m assuming it’s Russian, as the text from the website appears to be Russian and only something from Russia would look this insane. I don’t know much about the photographer, other than that his name may possibly be Igor. If anyone knows Russian and can translate this, drop a comment!

I’m really having a hard time believing that this thing ever actually made it into the air. I wish I knew what this plane was for, what it’s mission was. It has some really huge sort of tanks or maybe torpedo tubes on top and so many crew areas you could build a hotel inside the thing. It’s really enormous. But the first thing that stands out about this plane is the engine location – eight engines, four per side, mounted on a structure up near the cockpit, in front of the wings. Talk about bizarre!

igor113 – Seaplane

Update: I’ve learned that this thing is called an Ekranoplan, a type of aircraft that apparently only flies about a meter over the surface. This particular model, the MD-160, was known as ‘The Caspian Monster’. It was meant to be amphibious, and is mainly for naval combat. There are some interesting videos on youtube as well, showing off what the thing is capable of.

Strange Highways

Here are a few shots I did on the night of my birthday. It was around 2:30 am. I had gotten off work and headed up to a place called Northwest, where I knew of some nice open fields that I might be able to set up nearby and get some nice sky shots with meteors (the Leonid meteor shower occurs every year on the 12th of August). I didn’t find a good spot – the field were all grown over, so I headed back to Leland with the camera in the driver seat and just started snapping this way and that way to see what would turn up. I think this series tells a pretty interesting story.