Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album

Dennis HopperAs if Dennis Hopper wasn’t already practically the epitome of the word “cool”, here is a gallery of his photographic work to enjoy. Dennis’ “counterculture cred” allowed him to get into some unique situations for a photographer. He perfectly captured images of all aspects of life – fairly straightforward street scenes, bullfighting, and lots of Hippie acitivities, but most notable are his photos of people like Andy Warhol, Ike and Tina, The Grateful Dead, etc. His work behind the lens rivals the work he did in front of it.

Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album

Droid photography @ Wrightsville Beach, NC

Greeting fellow photographers and photography lovers. This blog is not yet dead! The photography fire is being re-kindled in me due to the fact that I actually sold a picture a few days ago. I spent most of March and April working for GE in Limerick, PA, but I am home for the summer and I intend to excersize my photography skills quite a bit during this time.

For starters, I went with a photographer friend of mine to Wrightsville Beach. It’s a great area chock full of photo ops. I took my trusty Rebel XSi on the journey, and guess what? The battery was DOA. What a bummer. I had my Motorola Droid X with me which takes pretty decent pictures with the standard camera app, and with a couple of specialized camera apps I have for it I still managed to come away with something interesting. So without further adieu, here are the results of the trip. (Click the image below for the gallery.)

Droid photography expedition – Wrightsville Beach, NC 4/2011

Human Contrast – Jim Bryant Photography

Jim Bryant, a photojournalist and master of photography, shares a blog article called Human Contrast. His images are fantastic, and one in the series stood out to me. It is a street scene, two young boys holding tennis rackets between their legs, face to face, discussing whatever it is that little boys talk about. To their right, and farther away in the picture, are two men, discussing the things men discuss, drawing a perfect parallel with the two boys. An amazing shot to be sure, and one that makes me think.

As these two men are, so will these two boys be.
As these two boys are, once were these two men.

Jim Bryant Photography – Human Contrast