Chris VenHaus

Hi folks, sorry I haven’t posted anything here lately – the end of the school year brought me the toughest set of exams yet, but I somehow made my way through and now I am an honest to goodness official college graduate, with an AAS degree in Nuclear Technology. So now that school is over and done with, I will have a lot of time to get back into the photography habit, more time to spend with my music blog, and more time to spend on playing my own music.

by Chris VenHaus

So while prowling around on tonight, I came across a photographer whose work with landscapes is phenomenal. Chris VenHaus captures so much color in his lens, so much expression, and his star / astrophotography is downright incredible. Chris shares in his gallery a diverse set of photos that span the American Midwest, from Arizona to Colorado to Michigan, etc., and always keeps an ethereal mood in mind whether the image he produces is black and white or color. For example, his image titled Tufa Sunrise conveys a mood of calm serenity at first glance, but when you focus in and start to examine the individual elements of the picture you start to realize what a startlingly alien landscape he’s happened upon. Volcanic rock formations project from the completely flat surface of the water to create an image that is simple, yet easy to stare at for periods of time and think about what this place must feel like when visiting in person. All of Chris’ photography is exactly like that, so go ahead and check out his gallery on – take my word for it, you’ll be delighted.

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