Winter 1980

winter1980_11I remember it like it was yesterday. My Grandparents on my Dad’s side from Georgia were visiting. It’s the only time it happened. I never saw my grandparents anywhere other than Hazelhurst, GA. Except for this one time, in the winter of 1980. The winter that it snowed over a foot. I remember hearing that it was going to snow, and I got all excited. It finally started to snow late in the afternoon, and I spent hours at the window watching it fall. There was an old tricycle in the front yard, and I remember watching how the snow first reached the center of the wheels, then it was reached the top of the front wheel, then the seat was gone, and finally at the end of the evening the handle bars were covered. It was nothing short of incredible, and we haven’t had that much snow at once since. My grandparents were not amused. Here are some photos shot by my parents of that morning after.