Clark Little Photography

Blacktip by Clark LittleClark Little is a photographer in beautiful Hawaii who shoots breaking waves right on the shore, with a style of composition all his own. Here he explains how he started out with a simple point and shoot capturing unique images of breaking waves, and how it exploded into something huge practically overnight. Check out his gallery, the images he records are simply stunning.

Clark Little Photography, Hawaii: Online Gallery.

Frogs and Moon

So I went out tonight to try and snap a decent shot of the super-moon. I started out with a low ISO of 200 and aperture of 11 on my Canon 75-300 mm zoom. I wasn’t really getting satisfactory results though – that lens is hard to focus. Shutter speeds of around 125 – 320 kept the camera shake down, but the images were still blurry, probably because of the haze in the atmosphere.

While I was doing that, I noticed an extreme amount of noise coming from the other side of my neighborhood where there is a drainage pond. The noise was made by hundreds of frogs of all types – tree frogs, bull-frogs, leopard frogs, and several other types. I decided to hike on over to the pond and see if I could get some images of the audible amphibians. I learned something – frogs are very difficult to photograph. They like to leap away just as you’re pressing the shutter release.

For my technique, well it wasn’t much to speak of. Armed with a powerful flashlight, one of those 6 volt cell models, I stalked over the small hill at the edge of the pond. Immediately most of the big frogs hurled themselves into the water. I should mention at this point, the din made by the cacophonous croakers was nearly deafening. I was surprised at how much noise the things can make. At any rate, what I did was hold my flash light hooked in the fingers of my left hand with the handle in towards my palm and the body of the light hanging on the back of my hand. This allowed me to operate the focus ring on my 300 mm zoom while keeping the light on the subject. I tried this on about seven or eight frogs, getting terrible results each time. Then it dawned on me – I could lay the light down in a position that it was shining on the frog, then walk to the side just a bit and be free to focus and zoom while the frog was staring at the light. Success! I got two decent images this way. By this time though, the mosquitoes were eating me alive so I called it a night. I did stop once I was back at the house though to try a few more shots at the moon, this time in 1600 ISO. I finally got a decent one. The one here was shot at 1/4000 s, f/11 ISO 1600.

Leave a comment with a link to your own shots of frogs, amphibians, moons or any thing else that exists in nature. I want to see them!

Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts

Robert Buelteman is a California photographer who developed his own technique for capturing images of plant life using high voltage electricity and optical fibers. Kirlian Photography¬†is the use of electricity to transfer an image of coronal discharge onto film. Robert has applied that to various parts of plants and flowers to create astounding images that aren’t so much an image of a flower or plant as they are images of the feelings that plants can evoke. Very surreal, very original. Also, visit Mr. Buelteman’s website for his other work, which is every bit as fantastic.

Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts.

Thierry Legault – Partial solar eclipse and transit of the Space Station from Oman

Now this is just amazing. Astrophotography is one of my favorite things. Thierry Legault, a French engineer and photographer, managed to catch the ISS as it made it’s away in between the earth and Sun in January of 2011. The image is fantastic, almost sci-fi. Go to his homepage to see his other fine work, including the transit of Venus and the Hubble Space Telescope at the same time.

Thierry Legault – Partial solar eclipse and transit of the Space Station from Oman.

Terra Sacra Time Lapses

Sean F. White is a photographer who has created an amazing time lapse video of various locations around the world. It’s about six minutes long and features locations such as the pyramids in Egypt, penguins in Antarctica, ancient trees in Africa and shots of the Milky Way out in the desert. There are many timelapse videos out there, especially on vimeo, but this one is just a cut above the rest.

Terra Sacra Time Lapses on Vimeo

WonderLand – Aimishboy Photography

Incredible macro photography from Nadav Bagim, of Israel. He sets up miniature scenes on his kitchen table, adds an insect or two, and the results are nothing less than fantastic. The color that he manages to bring out in his photos is amazing in it’s own right, but add that to the nature of each scene he’s created and the way he’s managed to give personality to the subject of each photo, and you can see that there is something extra special here.

WonderLand – Aimishboy Photography.