WonderLand – Aimishboy Photography

Incredible macro photography from Nadav Bagim, of Israel. He sets up miniature scenes on his kitchen table, adds an insect or two, and the results are nothing less than fantastic. The color that he manages to bring out in his photos is amazing in it’s own right, but add that to the nature of each scene he’s created and the way he’s managed to give personality to the subject of each photo, and you can see that there is something extra special here.

WonderLand – Aimishboy Photography.

Poor Mans Macro 2.0

I wrote a few days ago about a method of using a standard lens for macro photography. I shared only a few photos that day, but there were many shots that turned out well. I thought about going through the whole set and picking and choosing which ones to share with you, but then I decided to just upload the whole batch, all 81 images. So without further adieu, here they are.

And here are a few notable images that stood out to me.