Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts

Robert Buelteman is a California photographer who developed his own technique for capturing images of plant life using high voltage electricity and optical fibers. Kirlian Photography┬áis the use of electricity to transfer an image of coronal discharge onto film. Robert has applied that to various parts of plants and flowers to create astounding images that aren’t so much an image of a flower or plant as they are images of the feelings that plants can evoke. Very surreal, very original. Also, visit Mr. Buelteman’s website for his other work, which is every bit as fantastic.

Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts.

Pond Lilies

I happened across a small drainage pond tucked away behind the Verizon store yesterday. I barely noticed it as I was driving up, and I happened to have my camera in the Jeep. So when I was done at Verizon (ordering my Droid X!) I grabbed the trusty Rebel and walked over to the pond and snapped some shots. I experimented with my zoom lens, but for some reason I couldn’t get a decent focus. I think the zoom may be dying, oh no!

The only way I could get a good close shot of any of the flowers was to hold the camera out over the water / subject, focus, and then snap the shot, without seeing where in the frame the subject was. Sort of a random composition – it took quite a few shots to get a few that were good, but here are four of the best.