Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts

Robert Buelteman is a California photographer who developed his own technique for capturing images of plant life using high voltage electricity and optical fibers. Kirlian Photography┬áis the use of electricity to transfer an image of coronal discharge onto film. Robert has applied that to various parts of plants and flowers to create astounding images that aren’t so much an image of a flower or plant as they are images of the feelings that plants can evoke. Very surreal, very original. Also, visit Mr. Buelteman’s website for his other work, which is every bit as fantastic.

Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts.

Poor man’s macro

Macro lenses are hard to come by if you’re on a shoestring budget. Luckily, there is a trick for us DSLR owners. Simply turn your lens around backwards. I experimented this evening with the technique, and got some surprising results while shooting a bouquet of roses that I gave to my wife on Valentines day. It took some experimenting to get just right – you must focus by moving closer to and farther from the subject, and the position of the focus ring, as well as the zoom, determines the focus distance. But once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly easy and makes for some fantastic results. The photos you see here are straight out of the camera, except for being resized.
Give it a shot, then leave a link to your result in the conmments!

Zebra Swallowtail on Zinnia


A few weeks ago I noticed a butterfly at work. It was flapping around on the ground, so I knew it wouldn’t live much longer. So I decided I’d bring him home, show him to the girls so they could get a good close look at a butterfly. I put him between two small paper plates and taped the edges in four places. This makes the perfect butterfly transportation container.

So the next day I realized that this butterfly would be the perfect photographic subject. Cara (one of my daughters) had a box of Zinnia’s outside that she’d grown this summer, so I balanced the butterfly on top of one of them and got some pretty good shots. There are two in color, two in sepia and two wallpaper sized. Enjoy!