Poor Mans Macro 2.0

I wrote a few days ago about a method of using a standard lens for macro photography. I shared only a few photos that day, but there were many shots that turned out well. I thought about going through the whole set and picking and choosing which ones to share with you, but then I decided to just upload the whole batch, all 81 images. So without further adieu, here they are.

And here are a few notable images that stood out to me.


Zebra Swallowtail on Zinnia


A few weeks ago I noticed a butterfly at work. It was flapping around on the ground, so I knew it wouldn’t live much longer. So I decided I’d bring him home, show him to the girls so they could get a good close look at a butterfly. I put him between two small paper plates and taped the edges in four places. This makes the perfect butterfly transportation container.

So the next day I realized that this butterfly would be the perfect photographic subject. Cara (one of my daughters) had a box of Zinnia’s outside that she’d grown this summer, so I balanced the butterfly on top of one of them and got some pretty good shots. There are two in color, two in sepia and two wallpaper sized. Enjoy!