First experience with the Droid X

I got a Droid X this week. The thing is simply amazing. I’ve had a blackberry for the last two years, and the performance with it was sub optimal, in my opinion. I spent more time looking at the spinning hourglass on that blackberry than I did anything else. At any rate, the Droid X does. The camera is phenomenal – 8 megapixels – and the camcorder shoots in 720p! Ridiculous! Not to mention I can actually access web sites (such as this one) on it, no problem.

So I found an app called Retro Camera that simulates a handful of old cameras – namely a pinhole camera, Orange Box, Polaroid, and the Bärbl. It’s an awesome toy to play around with, so I walked around the downtown area today and took some shots with it. I even visited what’s left of the Newell-Davis warehouse, up north on the river by the Isabel Stellings Holmes bridge. That warehouse has a fair bit of history behind it, but it’s days are numbered.The only complaint I have with this app so far is that it adds a frame – I could do without that. I’d just like the effect without the frame. But it still does a great job.

Here is a gallery of the shots I took today. Enjoy!