Jamil Mustafa

Jamil MustafaRadio style hip hop and rap. Jamil has nine tracks of top notch hip hop, produced in my studio software of choice, FL Studio. He has a style reminiscent of eminem, but we won’t hold that against him, as his lyrics don’t contain quite the level of chest beating that commercial music does. 😀 Be sure to pay attention to the track Labyrinth, my personal favorite.

A jazz tune

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Just a little something I did a few nights ago because I found a bass sound I liked. I don’t pretend to know a thing about jazz, I just diddled around on the piano to imitate the jazz I have heard in the past.

Peabody Concert Orchestra – Various Performances

An excellent collection of classical performances spanning the entire range of well known composers. It’s the first time I’ve listened to Holst’s The Planets. Excellent quality recordings of very well done performances.

Sphere Of Hip Hop – Various

Lots and lots and *lots* of tracks to download from this netlabel. Sphere of hip hop also has a podcast and a radio / jukebox type of thing. All the music (so far, there’s quite a bit I haven’t got to yet) is top notch production-wise and compositionally. Definitely don’t skip this one, this is one of those rare treasures found every so often.

Ashley Gore

Ashley Gore sings classics from the past, and has provided four of his tracks for download. Mack the Knife, Come Fly With Me, Across the Sea and Moon Dance are availiable. Ashley pulls off these tunes without a flaw, so give him a listen, you’re bound to be impressed.

Various Artists – Ska!

I just found a collection of ska tracks by several different artists. Don’t let ska die! There’s enough ska on this page to keep you bouncing off the walls all night.

London Issue – Zweisamkeit EP

Four tracks of (possibly) German dance music. Chilled out minimal vocal samples accompany fast paced and upbeat chords and rhythm, trippy synth work too.

Mike Mess – Communication

A double dose for today – three longish tracks, repetitive trance style music. This net release is good for listening to late at night, for those times when you’re up way too late, you know you should be sleeping. Shouldn’t you? Ah, who needs sleep.

Mandragora Tango Orchestra – Various Pieces

Violin, piano and accordion combine to form the Mandragora Tango Orchestra. Top notch recordings of various tracks from their career, including covers of some very familiar tunes.

Classical / Folk Music of China

Dovesong has a really good collection of Chinese music / links to Chinese music on their website. In particular, check out ‘Autumn Moon Over A Quiet Lake’.