SubjectRuin – The Dreamers Paradox

The Dreamers ParadoxSubjectRuin has produced an album similiar to the style of music made by Dream Theater. This album is a rarety in the free online music world, most bands of this genre don’t have the polish that SubjectRuin does. The album has awesome cover art too. Thanks to JT Bruce for pointing this out.

SubjectRuin – The Dreamers Paradox

Korean B-Boys and Harps

These b-boys are great, combine that with the beatboxer and the traditional music and you’ve got yourself a wow video.

Plasma Pong

plasma_small.jpg divergence_small.jpgA new twist on the classic game of pong. Plasma pong utilizes the presumed two paddles and a ball to knock back and forth, but you can also eject plasma and shockwaves to confuse your opponent. Great fun!

Jamil Mustafa

Jamil MustafaRadio style hip hop and rap. Jamil has nine tracks of top notch hip hop, produced in my studio software of choice, FL Studio. He has a style reminiscent of eminem, but we won’t hold that against him, as his lyrics don’t contain quite the level of chest beating that commercial music does. 😀 Be sure to pay attention to the track Labyrinth, my personal favorite.

A jazz tune

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Just a little something I did a few nights ago because I found a bass sound I liked. I don’t pretend to know a thing about jazz, I just diddled around on the piano to imitate the jazz I have heard in the past.

Peabody Concert Orchestra – Various Performances

An excellent collection of classical performances spanning the entire range of well known composers. It’s the first time I’ve listened to Holst’s The Planets. Excellent quality recordings of very well done performances.

Sphere Of Hip Hop – Various

Lots and lots and *lots* of tracks to download from this netlabel. Sphere of hip hop also has a podcast and a radio / jukebox type of thing. All the music (so far, there’s quite a bit I haven’t got to yet) is top notch production-wise and compositionally. Definitely don’t skip this one, this is one of those rare treasures found every so often.