Obscotch – Miasma Eden

Obscotch is Jake Moore, an electronic musician from Perth, Australia, presenting us with an excellent set of five meandering yet raucous tracks to listen to. Each track has it’s own style, some rolling along easily, other that chirp and pulse with a vague dub-like feel. Reminiscent of BoC with a hip-hop twist, this is an EP definitely worth listening to.

 Obscotch РMiasma Eden

Test test test

Work stinks. Everything is broken, no one does anything right, all the good people are fired. Why am I still here aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

Nice Wings, Icarus! – Self Titled

The Ukrainian post-rock crew takes a new style and adds their own old-world flair. This is not to be missed – one of the best post-rock bands I’ve come across since I started this website. Giant builds and drop-offs, guitars and violin mesh together, creating a moving and thoughtful experience. I’ll have this one on rotation for quite a while, I can assure you.

Nice Wings, Icarus! – Self Titled

The Shadow

The ShadowThe Internet Archive has a huge selection of recordings of ‘The Shadow’, a radio play that ran in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I have strong memories of my grandfather, in his most ominous voice, repeating the opening line of the show; ‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!’.

BTW, I have added a forum and a shoutbox to the site, so drop a note and see whats going on, or post up some music that you think should be added to the site.

This one's all you Heron.

El NinoWell, I’ve been promising to post some Mexican music here for ages. And here it is. If you can stand it.

dudley – seasonal lp

dudley - seasonal lpThis release starts out as a sort of folky electro breakbeat sound, and progressively moves to a more psychological sound, more distorted and trashed out sounds and arrangement.