Its a shark!

Its a shark!

So today my family and I are down at the beach. I and my wife are sitting in our chairs, or back and forth in the surf with the kids. At one point, a life guard comes riding down the beach on an atv, whistle blowing, waving everyone out of the water. ‘What is it?’ I wonder. I see a handful of park rangers coming down to the beach, so I walked up to one of them and asked what was going on, thinking she would say something like jellyfish or rip current. Nope. It wasn’t either one of those. She told me someone spotted what may have been a fin up north of us.

Now I’m thinking ‘Come ON!’. I figured someone probably has been watching shark week on Discovery Channel, got a little over excited at an oddly shaped wave, and let their imagination run wild. So I sit back down in my chair. Now, my chair is about four feet away from the edge of the water. And right in front of us, in ankle deep water, appeared a six foot black tip shark! I’m talking ankle deep water. It just thrashed its way right up onto the sand, chilled for about three seconds, then thrashed its way back into the hellish depths from whence it came.

To say we were startled is a tad bit of an understatement. Needless to say, we were done playing in the water for the day. Possibly for the rest of our lives.

Visual Acoustics

Here’s an interesting toy to play with: a visual interface for creating music. Purely an improv tool, Visual Acoustics gives you several ‘brushes’ to paint a canvas with. Each brush is associated with a different instrument, such as strings, guitar, piano, stand up bass, and others.

I found that the strings and flute sound really great to start out with. This should hold your attention for at least a few minutes, anyway.

Visual Acoustics

Long time no see…

It’s been a busy summer what with my company being bought out and a little one who now can walk and explore places such as kitchen cabinets and eh… shall we say ‘sanitary fixtures’? Sorry there’s been no new music here for the last few but things are starting to slow down a bit so music posts should be picking up again. To start off, go check out Stephen Garton’s page. Stephen composes orchestral music. He has thirteen tracks on his site, but unfortunately they are not downloadable. But they are definitely worth listening to, just leave a browser window open in the background and let the sites flash player do the work.

If anyone still comes around these parts, if you know of a band or artist that has music on the web that deserves a mention here, then please by all means contact me. It takes quite a bit of time to search through all the music, worth posting and otherwise, that I come across on the web.

Thanks for remaining loyal readers of bahgheera’s orbit, stay tuned for more music.

Song of an Iceberg

IcebergHere is an article describing the sound an iceberg makes. Who would have thought? Some pretty amazing sounds to listen to, the sound of an iceberg is eerie and disturbing.

It’s amazing the sounds that come from our own earth. Go to Stephen McGreevy’s page to hear his ELF and VLF recordings of various atmospheric radio emissions. Then go to this page to hear the sinister sounds of Saturn.


DUDE! The eyepatch man is back! He’s alive… after getting wiped the heck out by the sonic fence!

So how come the smoke monster couldn’t go over the top of the sonic fence like Kate, Jack, Locke and Sawyer did? How come Kate, Jack, Locke and Sawyer could even go over the sonic fence? Wouldn’t the designers have a tiny clue about the little gap between the booms? All that tech and they leave a hole that big and that simple? Huh?