Draw Here

Drawhere.com, an innovation in website defacement. It’s like virtual graffiti, and it’s great fun – especially for picking on people while they have no clue whatsoever. (Some of you will know exactly what I’m talking about.) Give it a spin and see what you think; I’ve personally defaced foxnews.com and myspace.com along with a few forums that I visit.

Odd Musical Devices

Here’s a list of five interesting musical gadgets. The first three are no big deal, but you *have* to visit this page to see #2, the audiopad. This thing is amazing, I so want one. The self playing violin is neat too, but a bit of a one trick pony.

Cats That Look Like Hitler!

What the… some of these cats really *do* look like Hitler. Weird.


Soviet Architecural Art

Some interesting Soviet Architectural Drawings from the thirties. These were all unrealised projects, as the website says. Learn some soviet history and see cool artwork at the same time.


Instead of music today, you get video. Blue – a cool cg cartoon. A small robot wakes up on some kind of orbiting lab / space station and becomes mischevious. Great animation. Link opens as a BitTorrent, you need to have it installed.

In other news, Chuck Norris jokes are completely hilarious. Especially if you just whip out two or three at a time to your co-workers as a running all-day gag.

Revelations: A Star Wars fan film.

Here’s an awesome star wars fan film called ‘Revelations’. The acting is amateurish, at best, but the special effects and scenery are amazing, for a fan film. You need DivX and a broadband connection to watch this video. The file is 411 MB.


Links for New Years:

Free Solo Piano. A collection of excellent modern piano compositions.

Talking History – An interesting radio show covering different aspects of American History.

Sal Bonavita’s flamenco page. MP3’s and videos of Sal playing his flamenco guitar.

That will do it for now, keep checking back for more music.